A memorable day as a bride is any girls dream. Your nuptial is the day when you are at your best looking most beautiful ever and having everyone’s attention on you. Even though you’d go through being a brides’ maid, celebrate graduating, your 21st birthday and so on, the day you become a bride will be the most unforgettable of all that.

How to ensure everything goes all right?This is a question faced by many brides. Especially this day and age, almost all girls are taking care of themselves. They work, study and keep relationships. It has also been revealed via scientific research that women can focus on several things at once and yet complete all that successfully, a characteristic lacked by men. However on their own wedding day no woman is going to be able to “do” everything by themselves; most also do the mistake of relying on their friends when they are either maids of honours or simply brides’ maids. Therefore if you want to hand everything over to a good friend it is important to keep her away from bridal party duties. You can appoint a family member to oversee each activity; such as taking care of caterers, photographers and videographers Townsville and making sure the honeymoon car is on time. Make lists Making lists can sometimes be annoying. Women are known to be list makers. However it is important for an event such as a wedding to have many, many lists. Before the wedding you can have a task list and follow it till the end. For the day itself have an agenda and appoint someone who doesn’t have any other responsibility to follow the agenda items; perhaps if your father or mother, if able, or if not, a sibling. Someone who knows about the event and understands, also someone who would know what to do should an emergency occurs. There are many a tale about the bride falling in to the cake or the sparkling pool, due to sheer carelessness of someone present. It is quite important someone is in charge who knows what to do in a situation as such. Budget it!It is easy for an event to run out especially on the cost fronts. If, as the bride, you are not careful, you’d have bought a lot of unwanted items spending a small fortune. Research and find out the best services at a minimum cost. For example you can find a good wedding videography Magnetic Island service for a reasonable amount if you hunt around and ask for friends and family recommendations. A marriage ceremony is not only the day to just say your vows, but to mean them; to remember for the rest of your lives as the most beautiful day of your lives. So do not take any chances to ruin the beauty of it and ensure everything is on order to have the best day your tour life.