Birthday parties can be fun only if it is made interesting with music, dance and some exciting games. When it comes to children’s birthday parties you need to plan well in advance to keep the children involved all through the party. 

You must look for games that are safe yet exciting. Before deciding on the games make sure that you have the required space and also the materials to play the game. Besides games, you can also try other entertainment shows like magic or puppet which again keeps the children excited. Also, ensure that you hire a Sydney photo booth to record all the excitement in pictures which your child will cherish forever.

Chinese Whispers

It is a very easy and simple game most suitable for young children. Make the children sit in one single circle or in groups. You need to frame a sentence, preferably some funny one, and whisper it to the first person who passes on this secret to the next person and so on. Finally the last person has to stand up and tell out aloud the sentence. You are sure to laugh to your content when you find the way the sentence has undergone complete rephrasing as it passes through so many people. Click here to find out more.

Freeze on music

This is a great fun game as people of all ages can participate. You can make pairs of the children and make them dance to the tunes. Make sure to send these pairs to the photo booth to take clicks. When the music is on, pair must dance and when it is stopped they must freeze. One who does not freeze leaves the game. 

Musical chair

This is the most popular game and can involve even the elders in the crowd. Place the chairs in a circle and invite participants. Make sure that the number of chairs is one short of the number of participants. Arrange for someone to switch on the music and let the participants start moving around the arranged chairs in a circle. When the music stops the participants need to occupy the chair nearest to them. One person will be left without a seat and he has to withdraw. Continue this until you get the final winner. 

Passing the parcel

Make the children sit in a row. When the music is on, a gift is passed on to the children. They keep passing the gift until the music stops. Whoever is holding the gift must leave the game. This will go on until only one person is left who will finally receive the gift.
Try these fun games and make sure to make your party lively and exciting.