Most people do not know that there are tens of genres of photography. Of course the common ones like family photography are known to everyone. Just as the name suggests, this is a genre of photography where shots are mostly intimate shots of families and individuals. It can be referred to as family photography in Bayside in some circles. It is simple and is done in the comfort of home or familiar environments. Special event photography is another common genre or type of photography. The professionals that fall under this category include the wedding photographer. The wedding photographer is perhaps the most famous of them all given that the wedding is one of the most memorable events in most people’s lives. They therefore want to remember it in the best possible light. What better way to remember it than through quality photos. Another example of special event photography worth mentioning is sports photography. This is one of the most enjoyable examples yet the most difficult to pull off. In fact, sports photographers have some of the most complex pieces of equipment in the industry. A sports photographer requires a lot of concentration and passion for the sport. They must learn how to take shots of the important events in the game. This means sometimes they have to endure long periods in a slow game but be ready when there is action.
Another genre that is fast becoming popular is that of newborn photography. It can be classified under family photography but due to the unique conditions, it deserves a category of its own. It is the taking of shots of infants and young children. Just like weddings, the birth of a child is another one of the significant times in the life of both the child and their parents. They will therefore want to preserve the memories with quality photos. The newborn photographer in Bayside must have enough patience to deal with both the newborn and their parents. Architectural photography deals with taking pictures of buildings and displaying them in the best light. These photos are often used in the real estate industry to market and sell houses. Needless to say, the architectural photographer must have the unique skill of being able to paint the building in the best light. Urban photography can be described as a section of this genre. However, the scope of urban photography can be defined as both larger and narrower. Some people understand it as only focusing on urban house while to others it is the focus on anything urban.
Aerial photography is another type of photography. In aerial photography, the photos are taken from high up, likely an aeroplane, tall building or mountain. They are used for planning or making maps. Wildlife photography is when the professional shots of wildlife in their natural habitat. It requires the ability to camouflage oneself in the animals’ environment and capture shots of their daily lives. A wildlife photographer must be patient enough to wait for an interesting event, much like the sports photographer.