Are you in search of those tips that can provide you with a stress free wedding? You need to store a perfect emergency kit for the wedding ceremony and at the same time you must have some smart wedding hacks that will help you to make your wedding perfect.

1. Where are you planning to get married? : If you are going to have the wedding ceremony at park or on a beach, make sure that you are wearing the veil has a little weight. The photos by your professional wedding photographer in such locations will be challenging enough if you do not look after the basic precautions for the direction of wind. Hence it is really needed that you should count the place or the venue of your wedding.

2. Hire another professional: A single professional bridal paparazzo is not enough for the entire wedding ceremony. So, hire the second professional for his purpose. Make sure both of the professionals can have a good understanding between themselves. Otherwise, your wedding photos will land nowhere.

3. Cake’s hack: Try to have a two or three tier cake to cut it during the ceremony and let the sheet cake served to the guests in the ceremony. Let the sheet cake be hidden in the kitchen. The beautiful cake of your wedding ceremony will be saved and you will not run over the budget.

4. Arrange the invitations: The invitations over the mails and for all other correspondence, you need to set a new email address. Share all your photos of wedding from that email address and your organized plan will be a great win for your wedding ceremony. In fact, you can easily share your bills with your partner for all the wedding expenses.

5. Go for the easy bombonaires: Your wedding guests need to be thanked for their precious time and you can easily arrange them without spending a huge amount of money. No need to write on the bombonaires with beautiful or illegible handwriting. Just go creative and have these thank you notes useful to the guests in different ways.

6. Add your innerwear with your wedding dress: Your wedding dress is the perfect one to be selected and your look will depend on it to a huge extent. Your bra will have a very important part on your big day and the best way to make sure its fittings is to sew it into your wedding dress. No further problem you will have to face. So be comfortable and move freely.