Sometimes it gets a little difficult for one to predict as to what type of pricing model one should follow in order to gain maximum profit especially if you are a well experienced wedding photographer. The questing that often occurs when setting up a pricing model is that should you whether go for a complete a la carte option or a package model or something different? The answer is different for each type of photographer which is why we are going to compare different types of photography models that will help you decide the pricing strategy you should take for your wedding photography business.

Package Model

One of the most common pricing model used is the package model where several packages are offered by the photographer for clients. One can create packages in a way where you allow them to select the package that they actually want to choose from. The important tip that works best with the package model is that one should incorporate elements which people actually ask and demand for the most. If it’s not something that the client wants then they will ask to eliminate or replace it with something else which is literally going to be a pain for you.

A La Carte only Model

With the above stated model, you are bound to charge people according to the per hour rate you set and people can hire you for what they exactly need from you. With this model, customers feel that they get exactly what they are looking for and that they are not wasting money elsewhere. One thing to keep in mind while offering this type of model is to make sure that you are not offering too many of options and follow the simpler and brief list as possible. Only offer what you can actually sell and leave other options to be considered “on request only”.

The Guided Choices Model

The guided choices model also known as the hybrid model used in wedding photography pricing that is done by creating photography by offering a range between a la carte and package model. This model works by adding three things to it; pick your coverage (example: 6 hours, 8 hours or 10 hours), select your deliverables (example: disc only, album plus disc or printed proofs plus disc) and lastly, add on some bonuses (Example: engagement session, engagement disc, canvas or 1 hour of extra coverage). This package allows for customization and mix and match of options in a very different manner. A lot of people are actually impressed by this method and actually opt for this one mostly because of the option of add on perks being offered.

So now that you are aware of the details about each of the pricing model, you should now be able to decide which one you should go for according to what you are offering.